Wouldn't it be great to be in an industry where there was no competition? There would be no battle over market shares, no fight for a competitive advantage and no struggle to achieve differentiation. Unfortunately, the reality is that there is no such industry.

The U.S. bedding industry has consistently seen companies engaged in head to head competition in a search to find sustainable and profitable growth. We all compete in an overcrowded industry filled with the same set of products. This results in nothing but a sea of bloody red caused by competitors fighting over a shrinking dealer base and profit pool. It's referred to as “the sea of sameness.” While most companies compete within such red oceans, this strategy is increasingly unlikely to create profitable growth for manufacturers and retailers in the future.

At Blue Ocean Sleep, we recognize that innovation is best accomplished through design, technology or science. Our seven decades of collective experience in advanced mattress designs will create blue oceans of uncontested market space ripe for growth and profit. Consider it “value innovation,” where we create powerful leaps of value for our retail partners, thus rendering their rivals insignificant.

We, at Blue Ocean Sleep, believe that our Activcor Performance Series and Blue Luxury Collection will create new growth opportunities for our retail partners. It will also allow you to break away from the competition and swim on your own.

Blue oceans are the sea of growth. In blue oceans, there are no market boundaries. In blue oceans, you have no competition. In blue oceans, you can reach beyond existing demand. At Blue Ocean Sleep, we suggest you remove your life vest and allow us to show you how to swim for open waters.


"Change means that what was before was not perfect."
— Esther Dyson