Have you ever given thought to the sayings, “what’s old is new” or “lets not re-invent the wheel.” What are the true meanings of these statements? At Blue Ocean, we interpret them as age-old principles that hold the secrets to the future.

The Activcor Advanced Comfort System is a remarkable combination of old technologies and new innovation. Inspired from outside the bedding industry, Activcor Performance Technology took its cue from a combination of athletic shoes and luxury automobiles. This innovation came from understanding the enhanced cushioning systems developed by Nike as well as the dynamic performance of foam chemistry found in the interiors of Mercedes Benz, BMW and Porsche.

Activcor, a German engineered, US patent pending design, is a solid-state, molded foam construction with the same performance characteristic as a foam encased pocket spring system. Foam columns, which act like pocket springs, are engineered to absorb motion and to provide defined body support. These columns were developed using the same performance characteristic as Nike’s most engineered athletic shoe, the Nike Shox. Pressure relieving columns are shaped to absorb compression force to provide targeted support for the entire body. The system also features Activcor Plus 3 zoned support, horizontal and vertical total core breathing vents, and an MDI based environmentally friendly foam technology developed by Bayer and Huntsman.

As we continue to drive toward the future of the bedding industry, we are proud to advance everything we’ve imagined, studied and learned in traditional mattress constructions.

So when one says, “what’s old is new” we can relate. We must always look to the future, but not forget the past. Innovation through technology is the only reliable way to guarantee the future


"The future starts today, not tomorrow, not yesterday."
– Pope John Paul