Blue Ocean Sleep may be a new company but its owners have decades of experience in the mattress business. Brothers Mike and Jim Malkiewicz, founders of Blue Ocean, previously held the titles of president and vice-president of Wickline Bedding, the third largest family-owned bedding company in America. However, the pair's experience began over three decades ago at the best known mattress company of all, Simmons.

Built in 1976 in a forest preserve along the Chattahoochee River, the Simmons Corporate headquarters captured a state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly design. The Atlanta-based building was the dream corporate headquarters for Grant Simmons, chairman of the number-one mattress brand in the world. It was in this lovely locale that all Simmons executives, including vice-president Ray Malkiewicz, settled into their offices.

During summer breaks from college, Ray's sons, Mike and Jim, worked 30 miles away in the Simmons factory assembling mattresses. However, on Fridays, Mike would join his father at the cedar-built corporate headquarters. Once a month, Grant Simmons would have lunch with Mike on his private balcony just off the executive suites. Simmons, an avid bird watcher, spoke about life lessons while peering through the lens of his binoculars. He was most intrigued by birds and frequently told Mike about the wonder of the winged creatures. The birds had the freedom to go where they wanted and could fly as high as they wish. Mr. Simmons impressed upon Mike that he should live his life in the same manner. Live with no boundaries and fly above all else regardless of what he decided to do. Mr. Simmons retired later that year but his sound advice will always be remembered.

With the support of Grant Simmons, Ray Malkiewicz and Jack Novascone left their executive jobs at Simmons Company in 1979 and purchased Wickline Bedding from its founder, Roy Wickline. Located in San Diego, the 63-year-old company would grow to become the third largest family-owned bedding company in America. Mike and Jim helped the company expand through innovative marketing, including bringing baseball legend Tony Gwynn on board as a spokesperson for Sleep Therapy for over 25 years. Various other celebrities, such as Tom Cruise, Madonna, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson all slept on their products as well. Wickline Bedding is also recognized for its industry leading technologies, including being the first company to develop and market Sleep Therapy, America's Original No Turn Mattress. Since 1982, this design has influenced how manufacturers globally assemble mattresses. NASA also chose this design for the new Space Shuttle program as its lightweight design proved valuable to space shuttle launches. It's safe to say that Wickline Bedding has influenced the way the world, and space, sleep.

Due to the ailing health of Mike and Jim's father, Ray, the family elected to suspend operations and sell Wickline Bedding to the largest bedding producer in Asia in 2009. Wickline continues to grow not only in the United States but also in a rapidly expanding export business to Japan, Taiwan and China.

Upon the sale of the company, Mike and Jim began working on a new business plan. Established in October 2011, Blue Ocean Sleep is a U.S.-based entity working in cooperation with the largest bedding manufacturer in Germany. As a highly innovative mattress company, Blue Ocean Sleep recognizes the trend of traditional Western assemble while moving towards European methods of operation. Inspired by technologies used by Nike, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porshe, the company has created the Activcor Advanced Comfort System. The German-engineered, patent-pending Activcor incorporates old technology into a brand new use. Recognizing the performance requirements of these industry leading companies has enabled us to develop the science behind the sleep in an all foam mattress core .






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